Many people insure their car and home, but they don’t insure their most important asset – their life. Sudden death can affect anyone, either by illness or accident. Capital Financial Planning can help you arrange your life insurance so that the financial future of your family or business is protected.

How we can assist:

Our team can source the best premiums available. Capital Financial Planning has access to a range of products and can help you find the best one to suit your needs.

Compare what policies cover and what they don’t.  Every policy is different. We can help you work through the maze of insurance jargon to ensure that you get exactly the sort of policy you need.

Disclose everything. Make sure you are upfront when submitting an application for insurance. If you don’t tell the full story you may find out you are not fully insured when you need to make a claim!

We will ensure you have enough cover. Our qualified consultants will work with you to work out exactly how much you need.